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The exhibition is aimed at | Pratt's fast intelligent coating line, leading the

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From March 26 to 28, 2019, the 21st China International Exhibition on ground materials and paving technology and the 2019 China International Construction Trade Expo will be held in Pudong and Hongqiao, respectively. The leading brand of UV coating, Pratt machinery, will present its latest high-speed intelligent coating line in the two exhibitions.

China International Exhibition of ground materials and pavement technology
Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center
Booth e5c15

China International Construction Trade Expo 2019
Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center
1.1i16 booth

Priette speed

The latest high-speed intelligent coating line developed by Pratt machinery subverts the bottleneck of traditional UV coating speed. The conventional UV roll coating speed is 15m / min. Pratt demonstrated a 70m / min high-speed line this time, which is far more than four times the average speed of the industry. One key adjustment, one line multi coating, one week delivery, three advantages to create a new idea of floor coating.

The first technology of pre painting decorative panel

In order to solve the painting problems of furniture manufacturers, meet the needs of sheet production, develop higher quality pre coating plates, make the finish effect more texture and paint more full and moist. Based on the pain points of environmental protection coating of customers, pritt first proposes pre painting technology, breaks traditional technology, and pre coating section is in front of the coating section, and customized pre coating production line for the plate supplier.

Four advantages of pre painted decorative panel

1. Lower cost
No need to configure painting workshop and workers, reduce the cost of equipment, labor, paint.
2. Lower threshold
It is easier to reach the standard of environmental protection and greatly reduces the threshold.
3. Better effect
Plate and edge banding batch painting, unified finishing effect, really bright and dumb.
4. Shorter cycle
To save time, effort and salary to meet the diverse needs of end customers.

Flexible coating technology

Pratt's latest flexible intelligent painting technology can switch 0-wait at will in various painting processes of solid color, transparent and color correction, and can realize 0-wait in different thickness, width and length continuously. It is also connected with MES system to realize remote control of mobile app, master data as much as possible, cooperate with automatic code scanning and identification process, and adjust machine automatically, saving time and effort.

Perfect finishing effect


Pritt master the core light control technology, integrate flexible intelligent coating system, and easily handle extremely dumb and bright, and realize 0 ° To 100 ° Super brightness range, no bubble, no orange peel, no oil pit, yellow resistant, good anti collapse effect, the ultimate finish effect, amazing natural feel!

Subverting the traditional model

The traditional production mode of wood products is as follows: plate cutting → drilling and milling → roll coating line → spraying line → waste gas treatment. Pret pre coating production line subverts the traditional process, making the production process of wood products more environmentally friendly, energy-saving and efficient!

Provide painting technology for pre painted board


Pratt machinery is determined to change, take the initiative to innovate, continuously meet the changing needs of customers, create new ideas of painting, and lead the industry! We are looking forward to discussing the latest coating technology with you. Welcome to Pratt's booth to experience the visible coating!

Shanghai Pudong floor exhibition

Shanghai Hongqiao Construction Expo

The next stop is here

Exhibition: China Guangzhou International Furniture production equipment and Ingredients Exhibition 2019
Time: March 28-31, 2019
Venue: Pazhou Canton Fair, Guangzhou
Booth: Hall 9.1, area B (s9.1c31)

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