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Pre Painted Panel finishing sharing meeting

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From July 8 to 11, 2017, Pratt machinery will hold a painting sharing meeting at the exhibition site of CCPIT.
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1. The common problems, difficulties and key points in the process of coating of decorative panel are shared on site.
2. Exhibition site: cabinet door, teak king saw tooth, yugali (strong shadow), maple shadow (high light), kapok nice and other high-end paint decorative panels.
3. The site has revealed the international popular high-end coating technology, domestic high-tech coating technology and leading equipment.

Origin of pre paint veneer
At a board summit in 2017, Ms. Fu Qiuxia, general manager of pritt machinery, came into contact with the concept of pre painted wood skin, which inspired her conception of pre painted veneer. When you come back, you will be careful to understand the market segmentation needs. From the plate to the paint, to production, to decoration, the perfect combination of the whole process, more laid down her determination.

Skilful use of metal edging
At the exhibition site of Guangzhou Home Expo in March 2018, Pratt machinery put forward the concept of pre painted decorative panel for the first time, and shared and delivered the painting process to the market through the experience of demonstration and explanation at the scene. After more than a year, the world exhibition tour. Help furniture enterprises to achieve fast installation, making the minimalist living space more texture.

Application of pre painted veneer
With the popularity of minimalist home decoration style, the change of light luxury consumption concept, and the growth of demand for pre painted decorative panels, plate factories began to further process plain panels, and then sell paint to downstream furniture manufacturers. Representatives of the provinces include Shandong Luli wood industry, Hebei xinhongkuan wood industry, Zhejiang Huanan wood industry, Guangdong Tongli wood industry, Gansu Hongyu wood industry, Guangxi Weixin wood industry, etc( Technical support of equipment and coating process provided by Pratt machinery)

Wall panel fastener
Many furniture enterprises have also set up their own finishing centers in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai areas, such as interior and exterior customization, M77 customization, a8 space customization, Yining hotel project, Yongbao wooden door and so on. The decoration of Dyed Veneer series can achieve the effect of yellowing resistance, no collapse and no orange peel. Break through all kinds of disadvantages of the past high gloss, simple and high-grade decorative style, very popular (equipment and coating technology support provided by Pratt machinery.)

图片 China Construction Expo (Guangzhou)
Time: July 8-11, 2019
Venue: Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center, Guangzhou, Guangdong
Exhibition: Zone B -- 10.1 -- 28a -- Pratt machinery


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