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Pratt "digital intelligent environmental protection coating production line equi

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Pratt's "equipment manufacturing base of digital intelligent environmental protection coating production line" will start construction in September.

The project is located in the dam Industrial Zone, Longjiang Town, Shunde, with unique geographical location. It is not only a key investment attraction project of Longjiang government, but also a Shunde (Longjiang) digital equipment Park project built by Shunde District government and Foshan municipal government. Pratt will build this project into Pratt's Shunde headquarters and build it into a digital and intelligent coating production line equipment manufacturing base.

The group seized the development opportunity of the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District, invested and constructed projects around high-end automation equipment and intelligent manufacturing, so as to provide good support for the extension of follow-up industries. The project covers an area of 54 Mu and a construction area of about 60000 m2. Pratt Shunde headquarters will increase the investment in software and hardware in the direction of "5g + Internet", introduce the concept of smart Park, accelerate the launch and integration of CRM, ERP, PLM, MES, SCM and other information systems, and comprehensively optimize and upgrade the informatization and digitization of intelligent security, intelligent manufacturing, collaborative office and so on.

Pratt has been committed to providing customers with comprehensive solutions for coating and finishing. The business scope and main products of the project will continue to focus on the pain points of customers' coating and finishing process, continuously expand the product line and develop a full range of mechanical equipment related to environmental protection coating. After the project is completed and put into operation, it will drive and help the extension of Pratt's product line and the overall improvement of production capacity, and provide customers with faster and higher quality delivery.

The project will also build an experiential exhibition hall and an open laboratory to let customers experience the visible finishing effect.

Focusing on environmental protection finishing technology and striving for "green manufacturing and green products" is Pratt's mission! Looking forward to the future, Pratt's headquarters will be located in Longjiang. We look forward to building Pratt's digital intelligent environmental protection coating production line equipment manufacturing base, realizing Pratt's comprehensive innovation and upgrading, and expanding more environmental protection coating fields for Pratt with the help of Foshan's high-quality development policy and the strong promoter of Longjiang government, Serve more customers and create broader space!

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