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Congratulations on the successful commissioning ceremony of Hubei Haoerte phase

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On the morning of October 9, 2021, the commissioning ceremony of Hubei Haoerte phase I project, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pratt, was grandly held in Xiaoban smart home equipment Industrial Park, Tianmen City, Hubei Province.

Hubei Haoerte specializes in the design, R & D, manufacturing and sales service of intelligent environmental protection coating automation production line and system integration, covering a series of products such as roll coating, drenching coating, spraying, film pressing, flat pasting, super dumb skin feeling and coating.

The smart equipment designed and produced by Holt is very consistent with the positioning of the small board Smart Home Industrial Park. It can be widely used in the surface coating and finishing of all kinds of metal products, plastic products, glass products, cement products, wood products and other materials, especially for the decoration products in civil and commercial spaces such as customized home, internal and external wall panels, floor materials, doors and windows, ceiling and so on.

Dong Qingping, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and Deputy Secretary of the Party group of the municipal government, attended the commencement ceremony of Haoerte industry and expressed warm congratulations to the enterprise on its commencement on behalf of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government.

Speech by Dong Qingping, member of the Standing Committee

In his speech, the Standing Committee of the board of directors said that at present, the small board Smart Home Industrial Park is showing a good development trend. It is hoped that Haoerte will take the opportunity of starting production, take the lead, forge ahead and grow rapidly into a pillar enterprise of the smart home industrial park.

All functional departments and Xiaoban town in the city should be the "shopkeeper" who will respond to the call, escort the company's production and operation with a more open and inclusive mind, high-quality and efficient service and civilized and harmonious environment, and ensure that the company enters the fast lane of high-quality development as soon as possible. The municipal Party committee and the municipal government will go hand in hand in introducing home projects and industrial supporting facilities to form a more complete home industry chain, so that the projects can come, stay and develop.

Meanwhile, we welcome more upstream and downstream home furnishing industries to settle in the park, accelerate the formation of smart home industry clusters, effectively build the industrial park into a new highland for the development of home furnishing industry, and make new positive contributions to Tianmen's "integration into the urban circle, construction of demonstration areas and promotion to the top 100 counties".

Supplier speech

Distinguished members of the Standing Committee of the board of directors, leaders, guests, relatives and friends, good morning!

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to attend the production ceremony of Holt! Haoerte is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangdong Pratt. We are an enterprise of automatic assembly line equipment for coating and finishing. At present, we have been exported to 58 countries, applied to 28 industries and served more than 3000 factory users. We have been striving for green manufacturing and green products!

From commencement to production, Haoerte can not do without the strong support of the government. It not only does its best for our plant construction and license handling, but also gives advice for the construction of our talent team in the future. Let us deeply feel the importance and care of Tianmen government for settled enterprises.

I believe that with the strong support of Tianmen municipal Party committee and government, municipal units and Xiaoban town Party committee and government, Haoerte will provide more automatic, intelligent and digital assembly line equipment for the coating and finishing industry, and will realize our dream of benign operation and respected enterprise.

Finally, I wish you good health! Family happiness! Work smoothly! thank!

Now, I announce that Hubei Haoerte Industrial Co., Ltd. is officially put into operation!

Speech by Ms. Fu Qiuxia, chairman of Haoerte

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