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Warm congratulations to Pratt on obtaining the national customs AEO advanced cer

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Founded in 2008, Pratt is an automatic assembly line equipment service provider for surface coating and finishing. The equipment has been exported to more than 60 countries around the world, and more than 3000 customer cases have been traded in the world. The product line covers roll coating line, spray coating line, film pressing line, flat bonding line, coating line, skin dumb line and other series. It is widely used in the surface coating and finishing of all kinds of metal products, plastic products, glass products, cement products, wood products and other materials, especially for customized home Interior and exterior wall panels, floor materials, door and window ceilings and other decorative products in civil and commercial spaces.

Recently, Pratt Company successfully passed the customs AEO advanced certification review with excellent results, and has become an enterprise that has obtained the advanced "credit pass" of international trade.

AEO (abbreviated as authorized economic operator), namely "certified operator", is advocated by the world customs organization to achieve the goal of global supply chain trade security and convenience by building a partnership between customs and business.

AEO advanced certification enterprise is the highest level of Customs credit. It can enjoy the minimum inspection rate, exemption from guarantee, reduction of inspection and verification frequency, establishment of coordinator, priority customs clearance and trustworthy joint incentive measures of 40 departments such as the General Administration of customs. At the same time, it can also enjoy the customs clearance convenience measures given by the customs of 42 countries and regions of 15 economies that have achieved AEO mutual recognition with China.

In depth learning and communication

Under the guidance of experts from Foshan customs office in Shunde, Pratt established an AEO certification special team to organize all departments to deeply study the certification standards, actively promote the combination of certification standards with the company's business processes, improve the customs internal control system, and effectively control the goods logistics, document flow and information flow involved in import and export business, Improve the situation that may affect trade security to ensure the safety and compliance of the company's import and export trade.

AEO advanced certification site review

The expert group conducted on-site audit on the enterprise's internal control, financial status, law-abiding norms, trade security and other aspects by means of data access, interview and consultation, question and answer, on-site inspection and so on. If it meets the provisions and requirements of the customs advanced certification, it will be given the on-site audit of passing the customs advanced certification.

AEO is not the end, but a new starting point. Pratt will take this as an opportunity to strengthen the standardization of Pratt's internal management and foreign trade, reduce business and trade risks, increase the development of overseas markets and provide a more powerful guarantee for overseas customers.

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