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[Hanqiu news] warm congratulations to Pratt on winning 14 awards in 4 months!

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[news Hanqiu news]

— 1 —

Specialized and new

1、 In December 2021, the company passed the recognition of "specialized and special new enterprises in Guangdong Province"

The soul of "specialization and innovation" is innovation. We should encourage innovation and achieve specialization, refinement and characteristics. Prite has been recognized as a "specialized, special and new" enterprise in Guangdong Province by virtue of its professional research and deep cultivation in the field of coating and finishing, and its professional ability and innovative strength based on the integrated coating and finishing solution.

- 2 - industry leader

2、 In December 2021, it passed the recognition of "leading enterprises in subdivided industries in Foshan"

It indicates that prite products are in a leading position in the subdivided industry of environmental protection coating intelligent equipment in terms of market share, technological innovation level, product quality level and other indicators.

- 3 - intelligent manufacturing

3、 In November 2021, the enterprise entered the ecological supply resource pool of Guangdong manufacturing digital transformation industry

4、 In December 2021, the enterprise entered the "2021 Foshan digital intelligent manufacturing equipment and robot industry ecological supply resource pool"

4 - innovation - growth

5、 In November 2021, it was put into the cultivation Library of scientific and technological innovation board

6、 It was put into storage in October 2021 as "innovative and growing private enterprises in 2021"

7、 In December 2021, it was supported by the special fund project for 5g + industrial Internet innovation and development in Shunde District in 2021 (the second batch)

- 5 - talent attraction

8、 In September 2021, it was supported by the 2021 Shunde District competitive talent support project

— 6 —

Expert workstation

9、 In December 2021, it was awarded the license for the establishment of Guangdong science and technology expert workstation

Pratt will take the opportunity of building the station to gather more scientific research experts, comprehensively improve Pratt's scientific research strength and boost Pratt's rapid development.

- 7 - group standards

10、 Specification for information integration interface of wood products surface finishing equipment

In August 2021, Pratt took the lead in completing the group standard of information integration interface specification for wood product surface finishing equipment. Formulate technical standards for the whole line integrated control and equipment interconnection of intelligent finishing production line.

- 8 - quality management

11、 In September 2021, it was recognized as a 3A enterprise of enterprise quality management maturity in Foshan in 2021

12、 In September 2021, he won the third prize in the 2021 quality management achievement competition

13、 In September 2021, he entered the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Dawan District high-value patent cultivation layout competition "top 100 of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Dawan District high-value patent layout competition"

- 9 - enterprise certification

14、 The company has successfully passed the customs AEO advanced certification review with excellent results, and has become an enterprise that has obtained the advanced "credit pass" of international trade

AEO (abbreviated as authorized economic operator), namely "certified operator", is advocated by the world customs organization to achieve the goal of global supply chain trade security and facilitation by building a partnership between customs and business.

AEO advanced certification enterprise is the highest level of Customs credit. It can enjoy the minimum inspection rate, exemption from guarantee, reduction of inspection and verification frequency, establishment of coordinator, priority customs clearance and trustworthiness joint incentive measures of 40 departments such as the General Administration of customs. At the same time, it can also enjoy the customs clearance convenience measures given by the customs of 42 countries and regions of 15 economies that have achieved AEO mutual recognition with China.



In 2021, Pratt made great efforts to run. Under various uncertainties, while its performance increased against the trend, it also won a number of high-quality awards.

In December 2021, Pratt successfully completed the joint-stock system transformation and officially registered as "Guangdong Hanqiu Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.".

In 2022, Hanqiu, "Yuyu" tiger Tianyi, adhering to prite's gene, will continue to explore the application field of intelligent environmental protection painting equipment and provide customers with more comprehensive and accurate painting integrated solutions.

In 2022, Hanqiu shares will stand up to the new and will cooperate with upstream and downstream partners to create a painting ecosystem, create a vast future and enjoy the fruits of spring and autumn with a more open attitude!
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