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Pre painted decorative panel technology makes furniture manufacturing easier!

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In order to solve the painting problems of furniture manufacturers, meet the needs of sheet production and develop higher quality pre coated plates, pritt, considering the pain points of environmental protection coating of customers, takes the lead in putting forward pre painting technology, breaking through traditional technology, and pre coating production line is customized for the plate supplier.

Simple and luxurious
In the past, the solid wood customization is not only high-grade, but also a luxury, but also because of the tedious construction process, which leads to small market share, limited consumption and limited development of solid wood custom factory. In recent years, a number of customized brands, such as wood, M77, a8 space and dzcasa, have taken the lead in launching extremely simple and luxurious style, which just meets the current market audience's consumption demand.

List of some customers in Pratt customization industry
Pratt, because of serving these factories, has produced the idea of pre painting decorative veneer, because if all the paint is implemented at the back end of the factory, it will increase too much construction difficulty. When it comes to paint, everyone has a headache. This may be the main reason why the compound growth rate of panel type lacquer free customized furniture has exceeded 30% in the past 10 years. All manufacturers are promoting lacquer free customized furniture.

The effect of prepaint panel of priette
From the Qingmu hall, they started to promote the simple wood veneer, the minimalist wooden door and the extremely simple collection cabinet series this year, which is to solve the big problems of the difficult sales and purchasing of these customized channel providers who only do four walls.

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All these are the genes of pre painted decorative panels, which will be a popular product. If you want to be a minimalist and light luxury style, you must have the support of this product.

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