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Beijing Building Materials / doors & windows exhibition; Look, it's on fire!

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In 2020, Pratt's decorative products will be fully upgraded. Especially transparent PET veneer, upgrade three dust collection systems; At the same time, according to the principle of mechanics, adjust the structure of the equipment. So that flat paste technology to a new level. The problems of transparent PET orange peel, particle and continuous veneering are solved. It promotes the application of veneer products more widely.
With new technology, pritt held the building materials exhibition on April 30, 2021 and the window Exhibition on May 6. In Shunyi New International Exhibition Center, Beijing, it is the first time to show continuously to the outside world.
Transparent PET and solid color pet veneer are used at the exhibition site. Although there is dust on the site, the effect is still smooth and delicate. The crowd was in favor.
The following questions for the on-site visitors will be answered one by one.
Is not pritt a painting equipment?
Where is the factory?
Pritt is headquartered in Shunde Lunjiao, Guangdong Province.
In 2018, putt introduced new technology and talents, and upgraded painting and finishing. The products are upgraded to six systems, including roll coating, spray, spraying, skin hoarseness, film pressure, flat coating and coating. For 3 years, the service for new line customers is over 500+. Help customers solve the surface problems of products in an all-round way. Because people who know the paint, they don't necessarily know glue; Understand painting does not necessarily understand finishes.
Become more professional to help customers choose the appropriate surface treatment methods.
Pritt offers a complete liberation plan for painting.
What is the finished product rate of the transparent surface?
What is the capacity of a day?
At present, PETG transparent finished products, now paste 100 boards continuously without any problem. The capacity of the board is about 800 a day.
How much is the price of a large board? What is the cost?
Transparent PET film 25 silk:
About 15 yuan / meter.
The glue is about 40 yuan / kg, and the board glue is about 100g.
Cost of a large board:
45 + 4 + 100 = 149 (yuan / sheet)
Sales price: 195-285 yuan / sheet.
After the technology breakthrough, the film can be pasted with 18 silk thicknesses, which greatly reduces the material cost.
Can cold adhesive stick?
The machine configuration of cold glue and hot melt adhesive is different, and the effect of sticking out is different. In the production of oil-based adhesive, solvent should be volatilized, and water-based adhesive should volatilize water, so the efficiency is low.
With back glue, UV free adhesive
What is the difference between using pur?
The back glue process is UV coating, film pre curing, and then forming and curing.
The shadow free adhesive has a long time of dull luster, and there will be cracks. The edge may burst, and the durability of the adhesive strength is slightly poor. The cost of avoiding the above problems is relatively high.
Use pur glue, quick drying, good adhesion.
Flat base material needs health preservation? Need sanding?
The base materials for general health maintenance include density plate, multilayer board and Orson board
See the flatness of the substrate, the better the flatness, the better the mirror effect. It is important to note that the sand is polished base material, the dust on the surface should be clean, otherwise it is easy to have orange peel. After sanding, it is directly pasted transparent, and the surface of the board is easy to get matted.
What is the market situation of the veneer?
In 2020, Gaoding exhibition, Shanghai floor exhibition in 2021, Guangzhou Home Expo, Linyi custom exhibition and Beijing Building Materials Exhibition, etc., pet furniture, pet floor and pet wall panel have become the main products to be displayed and promoted.
The exhibition of doors and windows in this year mainly includes pet door, CPL door and triamine plate door. The exhibition of pet door and CPL door accounts for more than 50%, which can be realized by flat line.
How about after-sales service?
11 market analysis -- Scheme Analysis -- site planning -- production line planning -- budget input and output
2. Order order - delivery - Engineer door installation - commissioning product effect
3 training operators - tracking service
Case 1: Guangdong style plate
The product is more comprehensive and diversified, and further improve the profit space.
Case 2: Zhejiang Youbang ceiling
Improve the competitiveness of products, enhance product value, upgrade the product appearance, and win with better base materials.
New and old customers who have not come to the exhibition can visit the priy agent factory for a visit. The factory has an experience center for finishing, which can be used for field testing, rolling, coating, skin hoarseness, film pressure, flat coating and coating.
365 days open, look forward to your presence!
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