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[flat thread] transparent PETG film: no bubbles, no particles, no wavy lines. Th

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From single product to multi product home, to focus on space, texture, smart home. Skin feeling, high gloss, super dumb, wood veneer and so on, the surface effect varies greatly. Thousands of customers, there are thousands of hobbies! People's requirements for furniture quality and space vision integration are higher and higher!
How to quickly meet the requirements of fast loading and make personalized customization for different consumers?
It can be used in density board, multilayer board, fireproof board, aluminum board, honeycomb board, calcium silicate board, etc. Both the base material and surface effect are universal. Thousands of effects, any collocation.
However, why did the veneer product feel its temperature slightly in the past two years?
1、 What are the limitations of flat mounting technology? 1. The price of materials and pur glue is high, and the cost of a veneer board increases by about 100 yuan. 2. The transparent sheet is pasted, and the rate of high gloss defective products is high. 3. The surface is easy to orange peel, wire drawing, dust, etc., and the effect is difficult to control. 4. The equipment is difficult to use, and there is a lack of technical personnel
2、 Technology upgrading to solve core problems
technological innovation
Veneer products research
Pratt Company, the introduction of veneer technology and expert talent, set up a decorative R & D team. In view of the shortcomings of flat and coated applications, a lot of efforts have been put into the research and development of products, and great breakthroughs have been made.
The veneer effect can be dust-free and particle free. After the technology upgrade, flat paste PETG film can be pasted with 18 wire thickness; Paste it as flat as a mirror. Greatly improve the surface effect, reduce the application cost of products!
Three technical barriers, one of which is indispensable
1. No bubble upgrade gluing system, scraping like mirror smooth and delicate; Upgrade the rolling system to effectively solve the bubble problem. 2. There are four dust collection systems: particle free double-sided dust removal, electrostatic removal, plate dust collection, membrane dust collection, which can effectively solve the problem of plate dust. 3. Wave free combination of mechanics, tension optimization, and three mechanical systems can effectively solve the problem of plate wave.
4、 The system is more high-end. 1. The cost is excellent. The transparent high gloss film (PETG) veneer is as thin as 18 wires, so the cost is lower.
2. Production data visualization is compatible with MES and other production systems, monitoring and running status at any time. Glue output, daily output, monthly output, production data, at a glance.
Consumer demand promotes the upgrading of membrane technology and the breakthrough of equipment manufacturing technology. The surface of the film can be scratch resistant, corrosion resistant, acid and alkali resistant, with hardness of more than 2H and no delamination. It has anti fingerprint characteristics. The membrane can inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold for a long time. The antibacterial rate was 99.9%.
The diversification of home panels, especially the breakthrough of high light technology, meets the needs of consumers for high-quality life, and makes the big home customization industry to another peak period.
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